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What is Total Change

Total Change is a body transformation programme. It is designed to help you, break the past and to move forward, with a new body and mind focus. 


" I was living of food that did not feed my muscles e.g McDonald’s & Crispy Creme and training about 4 times a week but not heavy. Now am living of food to feed my muscles e.g chicken & sweet potato and lifting heavy".

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Frequently asked questions

Does this program involve drinking diet shakes, or taking diet pills?

The answer is no. Our programme will help you to discover the right foods to eat, that will help you lose and maintain a healthy weight. Supplements, if added, are only meant to complement your diet but not to replace meals.

Is this programme for people wanting to compete in bodybuilding?

No. This programme caters for all types of goals. While we do offer to coach for those wanting to compete in sports like bodybuilding, our aim is for our clients to eat correctly to help achieve whatever goals they set.

I’m useless when it comes to following any diet. I quit very easy what makes this different?

This program offers you support through our trainers and our community on our various social platform. We will help develop strategies, that will help you get through those tough moments, especially when you want to quit.

I have type 2 diabetes and on medication, but need to lose weight, do you cater for cases like this?

Yes, we cater specially for those who have diabetes and high blood pressure. We will make special considerations and monitor you carefully throughout the programme. Please make this is information is disclosed when joining.