Before I started my competition prep with Chris I suffered from the irritable digestive system, chronic fatigue syndrome and had also torn three of my rotator cuff muscles in one of my shoulders.  I was under the hospital with my IDS since 2011, I had server stomach swelling and pain when eating. Before working with Chris I had seen many gastroenterologists, 4 different dietitians, which they eased my stomach problems but did not get rid of them.

I explained to Chris all my stomach problems and other issues I faced with my diet. After doing this Chris provided me with a diet and through the weeks we had to make some amendments, but now I have no problems with my stomach swelling or being in pain anymore. It was amazing for me when this was no longer a problem because I suffered from this for 7 years and had a massive impact on my life.

With my chronic fatigue syndrome, I constantly wanted to sleep and didn’t have much energy at all. Working with Chris we re-wired my brain by keeping me in a routine. I did everything by time, so every day I woke up, ate, trained and slept at the same times.


The foods Chris gave me in my diet also help towards my recovery. Over the weeks I noticed that I was becoming more energized and no longer wanted to sleep all the time. At first, this was extremely hard, but Chris was always there for support.

I had major problems with my shoulder and movement due to tearing my rotor cuff muscle. When I first damaged this I did not train my upper body at all due to the pain I was in. When I saw my third physio about this, they stated that due to my rotator cuff being damaged my trapezius was overcompensating for this and had worn itself down.


This was to the point my trapezius was not fully holding my scapular in place, so the muscle was rubbing against bone and was very painful. After seeing three different physios my shoulder was still in pain. Chris worked with me in strengthening my rotator cuff and trapezius, resulting in me being able to train properly and effectively. 

From the start of my prep, I had so many things holding me back, and my starting point was not ideal. However, working with Chris I managed to make it into completion and being in the best shape I have ever been in! Chris always checked in on me weekly and whenever I had an issue he would help resolve it quickly. Without Chris’s support and determination to help me, I would not be in the best possible shape and health as I am now.

Imogen Amker