Stage 3

Whats happens here?

This advanced option is for those who have reduced most of their body and are now aiming for that vascular ripped look. This ideal for those in modelling or wanting to enter a bodybuilding competition. 

Depending on what package you buy, you will be entitled to the following services:- 

  • Initial consultation

  • ​ Customer PT Fitness app set up


  • Personal goal setting​

  • Metabolic detox programme

  • Nutrition review

  • Bespoke nutrition design programme

  • Live messenger

  • Membership to our online community


  • Weekly private coaching sessions

We want to take the load off your shoulders and offer our expertise, by creating a Bespoke fitness programme which will help you achieve your goals whilst matching your lifestyle and budget.

Within a few weeks, you would have developed the right mindset, to embrace the aspects of following a challenging programme which will help you loose weight and change shape.

We are developing an online community,  to bring together, a network of like minded individuals to share experiences and to get each other motivated.


Next Steps...

Sign up with your trainer and start your online training NOW!

Your  programme / workout sessions is based on your present activity/fitness levels and goals. All activities will be explained and demonstrated for you.


Please feel free to ask any questions.