Are you ready for a TOTAL CHANGE?

Nike Akiti

So I randomly stepped on the scales this morning…. They moved did you get that they moved. I had to do it again to make sure I was not seeing doubles. I can say it again 2.5 stones in 50 days

Chris Alcock

Chris helped me achieve a physique I did not think was possible in only 30 days!! Without his expertise I know I would never have managed to achieve what I have done.

What is Total Change?

Total Change is a body transformation programme. It is designed to help you, break the past and to move forward, with a new body and mind focus. 

It is a new year and some of us, maybe comtemplating making a new change in becoming fitter and healthier. However, we have learnt over the years, that in most cases, sadly the likely outcome is to give up or relapse.  Frustrating as it may be, this happen's quite often, especially when you lose enthusiasm or motivation with the programme you are following.


The focal point of Total Change, is to help you achieve long-term dietary and exercise changes or to take more exercise on a regular and permanent basis.

Our programmes are designed, to take you back to basics in thinking and understanding. You will discover, everything you need to know with regards to managing and controlling body weight.


We believe that by changing your eating and exercise behaviours, this will help keep your mind on track and focused. With the right mindset, you will be able to make better lifestyle choices. Naturally, in time you will be able to develop your own coping strategies, especially when emotions are triggered and you feeling like quitting.

How does it work?

Total Change is a online programme which uses a fitness APP  which allows us to partner with you in building a health and fitness programme. This will help you get the results you desire. A choice of three packages will offer some of the items below:


Initial consultation

Customer PT Fitness app set up


Personal goal setting

Nutrition programme design 

Exercise advice

Live message

Monthly nutrition and exercises programme updates

Membership to our online community

Exercise programme design 

Weekly private coaching sessions

We want to take that load of your shoulders and offer our expertise, by creating a Bespoke fitness programme that will help you achieve your goals whilst matching your lifestyle and budget.

Within a few weeks, you would have developed the right mindset, to embrace the aspects of following a challenging programme that will help you loose weight and change shape rather than resist or fight it.

We are developing an online community, for you to learn from our expert knowledge and to bring together, a network of like minded individuals to help keep each other focused and motivated.


Next Steps...

Sign up with your trainer and start your online training NOW!

Your  programme / workout sessions is based on your present activity/fitness levels and goals. All activities will be explained and demonstrated for you.


Please feel free to ask any questions.






Frequently asked questions

Does this program involves drinking diet shakes and taking diet pills?

Initally we would like to start all of our clients on a food eating plan. Only as you advance in training and only if required then we may supplement to add but not to replace meals.

Is this programme for people wanting to compete in bodybuilding?

No. This programme is designed for all different types of goals. Whilst we do offer coaching for those wanting to compete, our aim is for our clients ot eat correctly to help achieve whatever goals they set.

I’m totally useless when it comes to following any kind of diet. I quit very easy what makes this different

This program offers you a lot of support by your trainer and also our online community. We aim to work through strategies that will help get through those tough moments when you want to quit.

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