Approximately a year ago a reoccurring back injury stopped me from being able to train for several months and for most of the year.

I carried out rehab exercises and strengthened the area though felt I’d never be able to train hard or get myself back into shape again.

I followed several different training and nutrition plans but I was not achieving the results I’d had hoped.

In August 2018 I contacted Chris Burford approximately 30 days before I was due to go on holiday with friends.


I wanted to try and get in the best shape possible however was concerned I’d left it to late.

After providing Chris with details of my training regime along with my nutrition and current bodyweight Chris devised an online nutrition plan for me and made adjustments to my gym workouts.

Chris monitored my progress via daily photos uploaded to his site and adjusted my nutrition throughout. I was shocked how quickly my physique began to change, my weight began to drop though no muscle mass was lost in fact I appeared to be gaining muscle mass whilst losing fat.

Chris was on hand whenever I had a question or query and kept me on track. I can’t thank Chris enough for all his help.


He helped me achieve a physique I did not think was possible in only 30 days!! Without his expertise I know I would never have managed to achieve what I have done.


I’m over the moon with the results and have never felt in such good shape.

I can’t wait to set some new goals now with Chris and see what I can go on to achieve.

Chris Alcock. Sept 2018