About us

The Founder

Burford Sports was founded by Chris Burford and is established as a Community Interest company. After spending many years training and competing in Bodybuilding and Power lifting, Chris has a new focus of exploring different ways of helping individuals who have otherwise disengaged, from sport/exercise as well as those reaching for excellence in their chosen field.

In 2007, Chris had formed his own team under the name 'Team Burford' which gave birth to quality  Regional, British, European and World Champions across the Sports of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting.  He too has had a proven track record in wining titles and setting National and European records  especially in Powerlifting.  Today his coaching and training legacy still lives on as he is still involved in his passion for coaching.


The London's 2012 Olympics had inspired Chris in so many ways, especially after seeing the sudden rise in physical activity across the UK. Since then he has been engaging with like minding fitness professional from similar and different sporting communities only to discover the commonalities in the the mindset of a great coaches and trainers.


In 2012 he produced and directed his first Webinar station on the Youtube platform called 'RealTrainerTV' that showcased some of the best coaches and unsung heroes in the business who are responsible for turning peoples fitness goals and dreams into a reality trainers.  It was believed that local community have benefited from the educational insight given by the trainers/coaches, that there was an increase in new memberships as well.    






 into local sports activities in your community and an introduction into the people who are responsible for turning peoples dreams and goals into a reality.