Boditronics Mass Attack

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Who is Mass Attack Heavyweight For?

Mass Attack Heavyweight is designed for "hard gainers" - people that struggle to put on size no matter what they try - at Echo we speak to dozens of customers every month with this problem and Mass Attack Heavyweight is the No.1 repeat purchase among all of our mega gainers.

If the prospect of adding in lots of healthy calories to aid muscle growth without having to eat huge amounts of boring food appeals then Mass Attack Heavyweight would definitely be our recommendation.

When to Use Mass Attack Heavyweight?

While you can have a serving any time of the day you'd like we'd generally recommend taking advantage of the post workout window to get a serving in on training days.


If you require another half or full serving to hit your calorie target in the day then you might find it makes sense to have the other serving at the opposite end of the day otherwise you might get bored of having shake after shake.