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About Us

Burford Sports is established as a Community Interest company whose focus is on helping those individuals, who have otherwise disengaged, from sport/exercise as well as those reaching for excellence in their chosen field. 

Burford Sports mission is to help members of the community strive for excellence in sports and exercise through foundation building programmes at an affordable rate.

The founder, Chris Burford has a proven track record of competing in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting competitions across the UK and in Europe. 

In 2007, Chris formed his own team, 'Team Burford' and coached his clients to compete in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting competitions similar to himself. 


He has enabled successful paths and careers for some of his clients who have won major titles in the UK, Europe and World Championships.

Today, Chris still has a great passion for coaching and competitive sports and his legacy still lives on.

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