24- Hour Gym Fest

The 24-hour Gym Fest is a fundraising event which will take place on the 20th to 21st March 2020. The event will be held at the Burford Sports Gym Studio and all funds raised will be awarded to the Liberty House Worship ministry soup kitchen.

The main goal is to raise £3k for the purchase of a mobile food van.


The soup kitchen is currently led by Deacon Rui Machado and his wife, Mary. This service has been key to the feeding of the homeless community of Luton for the past ten years. Currently, the soup kitchen team meet once a week on Saturday 6 pm outside Connells Estate agents near Luton town hall. 

Their community involvement has been essential, not only in providing food and drinks but also to be a necessary point of contact for other service providers that offers them vital services providers. 

They can feed up to 40+ people each time. However, the mobile catering van will enable the team to manoeuvre out into the community to feed those in need.


They would also benefit from having a better shelter during the poor weather and maximising the use of the kitchen facilities that come with it.

Luton Borough Council has already announced that one of their objectives this year, is to tackle the problem of homelessness in the community. They too are in full support of the work of the soup kitchen, as well as other relevant charities and service providers within the community.



IMG_8629 (1).jpg

Deacon Rui with the Mayor of Luton Tahir Malik and Deputy Mayor Maria Lovell at the soup kitchen Christmas dinner

All funds raised will be presented for the soup kitchen team.​ Recently, some of our gym members have been volunteering their services at the soup kitchen, which is why they are passionate to help raise funds needed to purchase the mobile catering van.

The Gym Fest Target

We have been busy training hard in preparation for the event in March. We are attempting, to collectively Rep / Push and Pull a total weight of 300,000 kg in just 24 hours.

The aim for each participant, is to complete a five-stage circuit station consisting of 1) Barbell Squats, 2) Deadlifts, 3) Bench Press, 4) Barbell Shoulder Press, 5) Lat Pull-downs.


The individual Weight (kg), Reps and Sets of each person, will be added and totalled at the end of the 24 hours.

The target Weight, Rep and Sets have been chosen to be physically challenging, but achievable in 24 hours. On average, most people will be lifting between 70-80% 1RM and hence rest time is essential for recovery in between exercise.

The average male would be aiming to lift a total of 35,200kg/rep and the average female would be aiming to lift a total of 12,400kg/rep within 24 hours.

The target for every Male participant

The target for every Female participant

Your sponsorship and donations will mean a great deal to us. Not only for a worthy cause but to help to motivate those taking part to achieve the end goal. 

We will appreciate your support and thank you.